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Vote for Republican Candidates - Dedicated Volunteers

​Florham Park is known as a Community of Volunteers and the three Republicans candidates for Mayor and Borough Council exemplify this spirit of giving back to the community. Mark Taylor, who is seeking reelection as mayor, was first elected in 2013 after serving seven years on Borough Council. Mark is also active in the Florham Park Jaycees, having been named National President of the Year in 2005. Bill Zuckerman, who is seeking reelection to the Borough Council, has been a member of the Volunteer Fire Department for over 50 years and has served on the Sewer Authority and the Florham Park Library as well as coaching local sports team. Kristen Santoro currently serves on the Planning Board and as a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain and is seeking election to the Borough Council.

We encourage all residents to vote for Mark, Bill and Kristen on November 5th.

Wine and Cheese Fundraiser - October 2019

The Florham Park Republican County Committee sponsored a very successful fundraiser for local candidates in October. Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi, and Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo attended the event in support of candidates Mayor Mark Taylor, Councilman Bill Zuckerman and Kristen Santoro.

School District Bond Referendum

In addition to the Borough, County and State candidates there will be a bond referendum on the ballot to approve approximately $25 million for improvements to the three Florham Park schools. For more information visit www.fpks.org/referendum.

Morris County Sheriff James Gannon, Kristen Santoro, Councilman Bill Zuckerman, Freeholder Tom Mastrangelo, Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi and Mayor Mark Taylor attend the 2019 Wine and Cheese Fundraiser.

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Florham Park Republican County Committee Chair Vince Bober introducing Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi.

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